Rent Right graphic with different coloured keys and University and Guild logos

Rent Right is a joint initiative between the University and the Guild of Students to empower our students to make the best housing hunting decisions during their time at Birmingham. Together, we have created guides to help you make the transition into the private housing sector as easily as possible.

In Looking for your new home, we give you all the advice you need to make a confident and informed choice when picking your new home. We cover everything from choosing your new housemates to getting your contract checked and the Lettings membership scheme, so you don’t miss a thing.

In Moving into your new home, we let you know all the things you should do when you first set foot in the house you’ll be living in for the year. This includes how to fill in an inventory, how to set up your bills, and what to expect from your housemates as you all settle in. 

In Living in your community, we help you truly make the most of your time in the private sector. There is advice on safety, saying hi to your neighbours, and how to get involved in the diverse community around you.

Finally, in Moving out of your home, we cover exactly how to prepare for leaving a rented house, including leaving the house just as you found it and giving you important information about avoiding unnecessary (and unwanted) charges. 

You can also download documents created by the University and the Guild of Students in the Downloads Library. The resources on this site can also be found on the Guild of Students’ website.

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