We want Community Living to be at the heart of the local community for all residents of Selly Oak. We’re excited to have this wonderful space, and we’re looking forward to joining with the local community in serving the area, figuring out how we can live, work and thrive together.

Claire Bent, Community Engagement Manager, University of Birmingham

Vision Statement

Our vision is for Selly Oak to be a thriving community in which Local Residents, Businesses, and Students, flourish and live well, and for the University of Birmingham to take its place within this thriving community in collaboration with all those who live and work in the area.

Mission Statement

Community Living exists to work with all members of the local community – students and local residents alike – to help make Selly Oak a better place to live and work.

Values Statement

Trust, Transparency, and Integrity

We will operate with honesty, openness and in the best interests of the whole community, and will instil these values and behaviours in to all of our work and relationships.


Within all of our work and relationships, we will endeavour to be consistently kind in our interactions with everyone we have the privilege to engage with and work alongside.


Collaboration is key. There is a wealth of resource already present in Selly Oak and the surrounding areas, and we will collaborate and share experiences with all those who are pulling in the same direction.


We will treat all those with whom we come into contact with respect, valuing diversity in every way, and caring about everyone in the community – this will be demonstrated throughout our work.

Responsiveness and Flexibility

We will be proactive with regards to change, and will be agile in pursuing our mission of helping Selly Oak to be a better place to live and work. We recognise that within communities, situations, events, and dynamics are fast moving, and we will work in a way that is flexible and responsive to the needs of the community.


We recognise that what looks like best practice today might not look like best practice in a months’ time, and so we will pursue innovation and a culture of reflective practice which engenders continuous improvement.


We will work in a strategic and sustainable way to helping make Selly Oak a better place to live and work.

Who is Community Living for?

Community Living is here to support all who live, work, and study in the local area. We’re here to help residents across the community engage with one another, learn new skills, seek advice and explore the issues facing everyone who lives here.

Community Living Hub meeting table
Community Living Hub sofas and hotdesk

What is the Community Living hub?

The Community Living hub is a flexible space where you’ll find lots of essential community support, from housing advice and security tips to recycling ideas and networking opportunities.

You’ll also be able to attend drop-in sessions with a range of groups, from the local police team to community projects and local support agencies.

Who runs the hub?

The Community Living hub has been set up by the University of Birmingham, as part of an ongoing commitment to community engagement.

Leading the project is Claire Bent, Community Engagement Manager for the University. Claire has a background in community leadership, youth and student work, and the Not for Profit sector.

Community Living Hub sofa
Community Living Hub wall

How do I get involved?

You can book the hub for your small community group or meeting (maximum 8 people), or use it for hotdesking. Check out the What’s on page to see the events, activities and drop-in sessions running all year round.

Do you have ideas about more ways Community Living can support the Selly Oak community? This space is yours to create and redefine. Get in touch with Claire today: [email protected]