What is the University of Birmingham Lettings Membership Scheme?

The University of Birmingham Lettings Membership Scheme (LMS) is an exciting new scheme for 2020, and aims to bring together landlords, lettings agents, and students in order to have a positive impact on the private sector housing market in Selly Oak. Once established, UoB Students will be encouraged to rent homes through LMS registered Landlords and Lettings agents.

I’m a landlord

How does the Lettings Membership Scheme help me?

Mission statement of University of Birmingham LMS:

To create a lettings community which has a positive impact on the private sector housing experience for University of Birmingham student. The scheme provides opportunities for Landlords and Lettings agents to gather together, share best practice, sign up to an agreed ethical charter, and connect with the work of Community Living at the University of Birmingham

How can I become a member of LMS?

To become a member of the LMS, you will need to meet the following requirements-

  1. You must be a member of the Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme
  2. You will need to agree and accept the LMS Charter
  3. Attend regular gatherings to share experience and knowledge, and take part in Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

I’m a student

How does the LMS help me?

LMS has been created in recognition of the fact that, as a student, you might have lower levels of practical private sector housing experience, and might benefit from additional support and resources as you strike out in to the world of rental property. LMS establishes that we want better Private Sector experiences for our students, and encourages Landlords who are a part of LMS to think about not only the legal standards of operation, but also the ethical ones

To be part of the LMS, landlords must meet the following requirements-

  1. LMS members must be MLAS accredited
  2. Sign up to the LMS Charter (written in collaboration and with student representation)
  3. Attend regular gatherings to share experience and knowledge, and take part in Continuous Professional Development.

The four identified areas within the charter are as follows:

Be Reachable: We will keep tenants updated with current business hours, contact details and emergency contact details for out of hours support and will respond to tenants in a reasonable time frame.

Be Active: Keep tenants up to date and communicate effectively about all aspects of the tenancy within a reasonable time frame. Do our best to solve problems in a timely manner.

Be proactive with regards to regular maintenance check-ups.

Be Professional: We will treat our tenants with respect and care.

Complaints Procedure

If you are unsure about what your rights are or that your feel your landlord / lettings agent is not compliant then please follow the following steps:

  • In the first instance speak directly with your landlord / agent to resolve the issue, and remember to put all communication in writing via email.
  • If you are unsure whether your landlord / lettings agent is acting correctly then seek advice from Community Living via [email protected] or 0121 414 8000 where you will be advised on the best course of action or referred to the appropriate external body for advice on your specific issue.
  • If at this stage an issue is still not resolved and they are a member of the University of Birmingham Lettings Membership Scheme then we will contact them directly for resolution where possible and potentially remove them from the scheme if they have breached the LMS charter.
  • All members of the LMS are required to be members of the Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme (MLAS). As members of MLAS, they are required to sign a code of practice.  If, on reflection, they are deemed to have breached this MLAS code of conduct, a complaint can be made directly to the MLAS scheme.
  • To see how we would process your complaint, you can find more information in our Complaints Process Flowchart.

LMS Members List

Name/Company nameLMS
Date joined LMS
Arefeh Alipanah00514/02/2020
Mohammed Ahsen01318/02/2020
Anthony Baldwin02218/02/2020
Helen Bodenham-Chilton05214/03/2020
Julie Bromley04126/02/2020
Fay Burton05919/05/2020
Paul Burton04927/02/2020
Sheila Burton04827/02/2020
Sam Checketts06020/05/2020
Matthew Clarkson01918/02/2020
Richard Cohen01818/02/2020
Eleanor Cresner06126/05/2020
Julie Currin06420/09/2020
Erica Davids03720/02/2020
Lesley Dent04727/02/2020
Ljiljana Despinic02619/02/2020
Dr Shiv Kumar Dewitt00714/02/2020
Bosiljka D-Jovetic02719/02/2020
Alexa Downs00213/02/2020
David Evans03520/02/2020
Patricia Evans03620/02/2020
Mohammed Fiaz02419/02/2020
Leigh Gainsley05028/02/2020
Patrick Garratt00313/02/2020
Andrew Green01618/02/2020
John Grice06610/09/2021
John Guy04426/02/2020
Paul Guyver05315/03/2020
Gary Harris04025/02/2020
John Hurman02920/02/2020
Tasadduq Hussain04226/02/2020
David Ingram05113/03/2020
Julia Jacoby02519/02/2020
Philip King03420/02/2020
Mary Latham00414/02/2020
David Lee01418/02/2020
Ansar Mahmood01718/02/2020
Adrian Mason02819/02/2020
Rhod Mitchell03925/02/2020
Martin Molloy05529/03/2020
M Noushad06506/01/2021
Melanie O'Toole-King03220/02/2020
Helen Phelps03823/02/2020
Candys Philpott02319/02/2020
Sharon Rowe04526/02/2020
Mohammed Afzal Saleem01117/02/2020
Toni Sarabadu03120/02/2020
Mark Sudic04326/02/2020
Andrew Smyth02118/02/2020
Surinder Thiarya02018/02/2020
Michael Verma04626/02/2020
Nick Wood01218/02/2020
Chris Young00113/02/2020
Michael Zell-Davis01518/02/2020