The University of Birmingham Lettings Membership Scheme (LMS) aims to bring together landlords, letting agents, and students, to make a positive impact on the Selly Oak’s housing market. The scheme helps students find the right place to rent, while giving landlords and letting agents direct access to those in our Birmingham community looking for somewhere to live.

Why join the LMS?

The mission statement of the LMS is to establish an engaging lettings community that transforms the private sector housing experience for University of Birmingham students.

This initiative provides a platform for landlords and letting agents to collaborate, share best practices, commit to an ethical charter, and actively participate in the University’s Community Living programmes.

Free advertising

As a LMS member you’ll have exclusive access to UoB Property Search, the University’s official off-campus private sector property search engine. On here, you’ll be able to advertise your property for free until July 2024 and enjoy having less competition: only LMS members can advertise on UoB Property Search.

Stay in the know

You’ll receive regular newsletters to keep you up to date with industry trends and will have access to landlord-only forums on UoB Property Search, where you can connect with others and gain valuable insights into the private housing industry. 


As part of the LMS you’ll be a part of the University of Birmingham’s recognised community, which will enhance your credibility and visibility. Students will have the reassurance of your LMS membership – and will therefore be more likely to rent with you.


Birmingham has a large and dynamic student community, which you’ll have direct access to by joining the LMS. You’ll be able to reach a large student population like never before, and benefit from active promotions by the University itself as part of our annual Rent Right campaign.

Enhance your profile

You’ll be invited to exclusive University events, where you can network and strengthen your relationship with the student community and meet prospective tenants in real life.

How do I join?

To become a member of the LMS, you’ll need to complete our online sign-up form. This will ask for a few details about yourself and will only take minutes to fill out.

As part of the process, you must:

  • provide proof of membership to an existing accreditation scheme, preferably listed on the Accreditation Network UK (ANUK). Memberships from non ANUK listed schemes will be evaluated individually (landlords only).
  • provide proof of membership to an approved property redress scheme (letting agents only).
  • read and agree to our Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct.

If your application is approved, you’ll receive a membership number within three working days. You’ll need to input this when you create an account on UoB Property Search, otherwise you won’t be able to advertise your property.

Current LMS Members

Name/Company nameLMS
Lin Kiu Lau003
Surinder Thiarya004
Andrew Green005
Lesley Dent006
Leigh Gainsley007
John Hurman008
Matthew Clarkson009
David Evans010
Julie Bromley011
Gary Harris012
Chris Young013
Helen Phelps014
Andrew Smyth015
Michael Zell-Davis016
David Ingram017
Nick Wood018
Martin Molloy019
Eleanor Cresner020
Ashley Harrison021
Alan Graichen-Cunningham022
Kouros Karbaschi023
Bahman Parsapour024
Mohammed Zareian025
Heatha Gregory026
Josh Groen027
Andy Scholfield028
Louise Kulczycki029
Anne Deane030
Tuzarat Khaliq031
Steve Walsh032
Paul and Wendy Trueman033
Abraham Zareian034
Ammar Kabir035
Cheryl Macfarlane036
David Lee037
Rebecca Vannozzi038
Collette Campbell039
Corina Harris - Hunters040